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Nuestros servicios de Marketplace e-commerce Specialist
Full e-commerce


Our “Full e-commerce” concept is our 360º solution, we offer consulting and analysis of the market and the catalog, until the receipt of the product to the end customer.

For this, we jointly develop an online business strategy with our clients, providing solutions, or enhancing any communication channel to increase sales, whether with an Adwords campaign on Google or a campaign in social networks.

We include in this solution the configuration and maintenance of the sales channels, as well as the management and processing of orders and incidents, and the monitoring of the shipment by transport agency. We are your online sales department.

Full e-commerce Specialist

Who we are?

MarketPlace e-Specialist is a digital communication agency specialized in the sale of products through platforms from Marketplaces. At the same time, we also offer all related services in the digital world, since the creation of the sales platform, maintenance, customer service and we even offer transportation services.

At MP-e we consider ourselves “Full e-commerce”, that is, we can offer a 360º solution to our clients, managing to improve our clients business exponentially, far exceeding their expectations.

MP-e is a trademark under the umbrella of the Idiomund group | SIL Informática Group with more than 25 years specialized in the sale and management of new technologies, with a business volume of more than € 50 million per year. MP-e is the division specialized in the sale and management of networks and all the group's sales channels.

¿Quienes somos? Marketplace e-commerce Specialist

Pricing plans

These are our price plans for sale in Marketplaces. For other online sales services and promotions, contact us. We adapt to your needs.

   Plans & Services


  • Number of products
  • Number of Marketplaces

  • Registration in Marketplaces
  • Automatic integration
  • Automatic publication
  • Update prices & stocks
  • Promos in Marketplace
  • Order notifications

  • Price over sales *

49 €

  • 500 ref.
  • Unlimited

  • % min. 49 €
  • x Month x MP


  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

  • Consult

* The monthly rate is calculated based on a % of the price of sales made during the last month, with a minimum of € for each Marketplace where offers are published. € 49 with an annual payment or € 99 with a quarterly payment. This small % depends on the product categories on offer. Ask us.

Available markets: Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, El Corte Inglés, PC Componentes, Carrefour, Fnac, Worten, Drinks & co, PromoFarma, Tiendanimal and others.

e can integrate with any Marketplace and Online Store that interests you.

Additional services: File Service, Repricing, Translation & Marketing.


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